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services also include chakra balancing

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– Psychic Counseling

– Spiritual Channeling

– Holistic Healing

– Spirit Consultations

– Past Life Readings

– Reiki & Energy Balancing

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What is Shamanism?


What is Shamanism and how does it work? Shamanism is the oldest and newest healing art, at least 20,000 years old, now rediscovered, recognized, and respected. Once scored as a “witch doctor”, the shaman now is seen as a person of wisdom and power, a seer and healer.

Shamanic Journeying – Like the shamans of old, I draw power from the shamanic journey to an alternate reality, in an altered state of consciousness, to consult spirits, gain insight, and heal. In tribes, shamans once used their power to find game or to intercede  with gods for people. I’m not called to do that, but I do act as an interface with the infinite for my clients.

Cyndi Wallace - Psychic, Shaman, and Healer - VA Beach Psychic

My work is to present the situations in people’s lives as if on a road map, pointing out which path looks more favorable to travel.  I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Cyndi Wallace, Psychic & Healer