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The healing resides in
the journey.

Cyndi Wallace - Psychic, Shaman, and Healer - VA Beach Psychic


I have several services available to assist you on your spiritual and metaphysical journey that consist of psychic counseling, spiritual channeling, holistic healing, and physical and energy healing.  Feel free to look at my services below and if you have any questions you can contact me here at

Be sure to ask if I have any ongoing discounts for psychic readings.

Psychic Counseling

Tarot and Plain Deck:

Consultation provides psychic information covering present and future issues in one’s life, by use of tarot and plain deck combination.

$95.00 for 1/2 hour and $150.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Psychometry and Aura:

By holding an object of client, psychic visualizations encompass present and future situations of one’s path.  The aura is also evaluated and scanned for health.

$95.00 for 1/2 hour and $150.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Native American Indian Stone:

By use of sacred healing stones from tribal soils, psychic intuitions are based and revealed of present and future situations in one’s path.

$95.00 for 1/2 hour and $150.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Spiritual Channeling

Past life, present and future


One’s own guides and entities from the other side are channeled through none trance, and knowledge is shared through past life experiences, present, and future decision in one’s path. Also spiritual placement in universe, as well as purpose and true mission worked revealed.

$195.00 for 90 minutes. All sessions are recorded.


Past life experiences, present and future life decisions are revealed through “full trance.” One’s own guide emerges sharing love, healing, knowledge of one’s true mission in the universe.

$295.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Holistic Healing

Removing Blocks and Letting Go:

A spiritual and emotional cleansing through psychic counseling and attunement.  Self love and worth s achieved through consciously letting go of past unhappiness and pain. Excellent for those grieving a physical or emotional loss in one’s life, or those who need understanding in letting go of  repeating patterns, in order to start anew. Some past life therapy work is also involved.

$125.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Hypnosis for Behavior Modification or Relaxation:

Whether it is smoking or weight control you desire, or self-confidence – motivation, hypnosis can help.  A relaxing and tranquil experience that gets to the root of the problem.

$95.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Hypnosis for Past Life Regression:

Explore one’s past life experiences through the aid of hypnosis. Knowledge brought forth from past lives through conscious memory can remove negative habits and bring true understanding of one’s identity and purpose.

$95.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Physical Healing and Energy Healing


Japanese healing art which sends universal healing to all parts of the body. Can be done fully clothed. Relaxing and energizing. Full health scan included.

$95.00 for 1 hour

Chakra Balance and Cleansing:

A cleansing, by sending universal energy through the chakra points of the body. Negativity is released, filling the void with positive power and energy. Full health evaluation included.

$95.00 for 1 hour

Crystal Therapy:

A cleansing of the body system through the use of quartz crystals, centering and aligning the chakra system.  Full health evaluation included).

$95.00 for 1 hour

Reiki Combinations: 

Massage and Chakra Balance | Massage and Reiki | Reiki and Chakra Balance.

$125.00 for 1 hour


Astrology Consultations: 

Natal chart, plus Progressions and transits as well as the Solar return is charted and drawn up and explained in detail, as well as the best places to live energetically

$150.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Yearly Solar Return:

The years transits , and progressions, and solar return for the year is detailed as well as  an explanation of what energies to expect, and how to best direct for a positive outcome and year

$125.00 for 1 hour. All sessions are recorded.

Composite Chart:

2 Natal charts combined,  to give the energetic  direction of how the relationship will go,  and how to deal with the upcoming transits .  Also will explain the purpose of why the two souls are involved and potential outcome.

$125.00 for 1 hour

Apprenticeships with Cyndi

Email Cyndi at for more information.

  1. Psychic and Intuitive Development
  2. Meditation
  3. Soul Retrieval
  4. Astral Projection
  5. Dream study

$95.00 for 1 hour

Classes, Tours,and Workshops

Email Cyndi at for updates on the classes, tours, and workshops.

  1. Classes in all metaphysical subjects
  2. Films and discussion groups speakers
  3. Meditation, healing, and message circle
  4. Gift Shoppe
  5. Group Channeling
  6. Apprenticeships
  7. Beach Meditations
  8. UFO Tours
Cyndi Wallace - Psychic, Shaman, and Healer - VA Beach Psychic

My work is to present the situations in people’s lives as if on a road map, pointing out which path looks more favorable to travel.  I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Cyndi Wallace, Psychic & Healer