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What is Shamanism?


What is Shamanism and how does it work?

Shamanism is the oldest and newest healing art, at least 20,000 years old, now rediscovered, recognized, and respected. Once scored as a “witch doctor”, the shaman now is seen as a person of wisdom and power, a seer and healer.


Shamanic Journeying

Like the shamans of old, I draw power from the shamanic journey to an alternate reality, in an altered state of consciousness, to consult spirits, gain insight, and heal. In tribes, shamans once used their power to find game or to intercede  with gods for people. I’m not called to do that, but I do act as an interface with the infinite for my clients. Usually a journey is associated with beating drums or other instruments.

Shamanic Services

Serving a client can involve spirit consultation, past life reading, some form of “life force enhancement,” (soul retrieval) or a combination of services. Working with the trauma patient, terminal patients or incest survivors, and co-dependent, can be most helpful from a shamanic standpoint.


Spirit Consultations

There exists three worlds; the higher, the present (ordinary reality) and the lower world of which all three posses many levels and dimensions of their own.  I journey to the lower world to see my “power animals” (spirits which appear as animals). I have close personal relationships with these benign spirits, also called Devas, guides or guardian angels.   From them I learn how to best help the client; whether a case is Karmic, involves entity achievement, soul loss, or a physical condition which would respond to medical care.

Past Life Reading

In trance, I see the past, feel the emotion of that life, and return with empathy rarely found otherwise. Depth of detail varies; often names, dates, and places are revealed. Sometimes I extrapolate from details of costume, geography, architecture, etc.  The lives I see always have some influence on the present life.


Soul Retrieval

“Life Force Enhancement” is a term I’ve coined to cover several procedures including transmission of healing energy, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval.  These involve correcting imbalances of vital energy. When a power animal is found for a client, and can act as a medium for transmission of healing energy. In “soul loss” due to trauma, death of a loved one, broken relationships, or incest, one becomes fragmented, unable to heal until the soul is recovered.  In trance, I journey to help bring back the soul fragments. Transmission of healing energy is a method of long-distance healing wherein I work with power animals and the crystal Deva to empower clients for healing. In this, I usually send a special stone to the client to facilitate transmission.


Entity Release

In entity release or exorcism.  I journey to confront the entity and send it to the light, no more to trouble the living.


All of these techniques are suited to working at a distance from the client.  Close contact isn’t necessary. While shamanic work is not limited to time and space.  I can only do a couple of journeys per a day. I don’t cast spells although I can lift them, and I do not do “third” party work. As always, as in any healing work, free will of choice should always be kept in mind when making a request. Rather than asking for specific services, it is best to describe your problem, and I’ll decide how to best serve you.